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Our unwavering commitment to excellence translates into tangible results. By implementing AOES solutions, large construction and electrical contracting companies like yours have experienced significant reductions in dropped objects, electrocutions, rework, and unauthorized equipment use. This translates to fewer safety incidents, enhanced productivity, and substantial cost savings.

Some of Our Success Stories

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"$200 per Welder Per Day in Savings"

“Before we discovered AOES, our welders wasted countless hours chasing down leads and machines. Since implementing their Leadlock product, we've seen a dramatic increase in production. The ability to set up leads and find them ready to use, along with secure, shielded connections, saves our welders 1-2 hours each day. Those saved hours translate to roughly $200 per welder, per day, in cost savings.”

- W.G. Boilermaker/Journeyman

five stars

"Game-Changer for Safety & Efficiency"

"After initial skepticism, the AO Connector proved indispensable on the field. It handled extreme conditions flawlessly, ensuring lead security, preventing electrocutions, and saving valuable time through enhanced organization. This innovative solution is a game-changer for safety and efficiency. After 15 years in the field, I wonder why it wasn't available sooner. The AO Connector is now a staple on all my projects."

- Z.J., Matrix Foreman

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"Great company and a must have for the industry."

- Mike E.

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"Time Is Money"

"Time is money. I’ve seen, on countless occasions when a welding lead isn’t secured and an “arc off” occurs and severely damages the product. This unfortunate event is very costly and very preventable."

- S.S., Nuclear QC

five stars


"The 480Lock has revolutionized our electrical setup, enhancing safety and security effortlessly. With its simple yet effective design, it ensures only authorized access to our power connections, reducing the risk of accidents. It's a must-have for any workplace prioritizing safety."

- B.S., Boilermaker

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