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Electrifying Safety:

Keeping Electrical Connections Safe and Secure

At AOES LLC, we are dedicated to revolutionizing electrical safety in the workplace. Our innovative solutions ensure that every connection on a construction site is secure, compliant with OSHA electrical safety standards, and designed to protect workers. By prioritizing construction site safety, we provide safe electrical connections every time.

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the Problems of the Electric Industry

Electrical environments are fraught with dangers that can jeopardize both safety and productivity. Understanding these problems is crucial to developing effective solutions. Here are some of the primary challenges faced by the industry:

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Serious Hazards for Unauthorized Workers

Unauthorized access to electrical equipment can lead to severe accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

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High Risk of Electrocution from 480V Connections

High-voltage connections, particularly 480V systems, pose significant risks of electrocution when not properly secured and monitored.

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Unsafe Live Female Welding Lead Connections

When live female leads are exposed, these unprotected connections can result in accidental contact and electrocution.

Our Solutions for Electrical Problems

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Allow Only Authorized Electrical Work on Site:

Our products are designed to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and operate electrical equipment, reducing the risk of accidents.


Lock 480V Connections to Prevent Electrocution:

With secure locking mechanisms, we provide a robust solution for securing high-voltage connections to ensure construction site safety.

AO Connector™ With Safety Cap

Keep Live Female Connections Secure:

Our welding lead connectors are designed with safety caps to ensure live female leads are automatically covered when disconnected from the male lead.

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Revolutionize workplace safety by securely locking three-phase 480V connections and preventing unauthorized use.

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480LOCK™ - 100A PS/H

Enhance electrical safety with our advanced locking system, specifically designed for high amperage.

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AO Connector™ With Safety Cap

Ensure safe electric connections with our innovative connector to prevent accidental contact.

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Trust AOES LLC to deliver the highest standards of electrical safety, ensuring your workplace is secure, compliant, and efficient. Shop with us today!

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"Leadlock is Invaluable"

"Overall from a time saving, safety and security standpoint, Leadlock is invaluable. In my nearly 15 years as a union Boilermaker I can't believe this invention hasn't came around. I will continue to use Leadlock on every job from here on out."

- Z.J., Matrix Foreman

"Time Is Money"

"Time is money. I’ve seen, on countless occasions when a welding lead isn’t secured and an “arc off” occurs and severely damages the product. This unfortunate event is very costly and very preventable."

- S.S., Nuclear QC

"Maximize Your Time"

"No one wants to come into a job and have to rerun there leads from the day before because night shift or some other craft stole them. With lead lock you maximize your work time and get to come in knowing there’ll be where you left them."

- B.S., Boilermaker

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