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About Leadlock®

Leadlock is a safety device designed to enclose welding lead connections and lock leads in place, preventing dropped objects, arc outs, and theft.

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Reduce the chances of arc outs on ASME piping and materials. Welding applications carry a high risk of arc out. Arc out is when a welding lead grounds out to a piece of metal causing an arc flash. Arc outs are dangerous due to explosive atmospheres, property damage, electric shock, fires, and human incidents resulting in millions of dollars spent. Leadlock is designed to prevent arc outs and reduce the chance of explosions when working in a live refinery with piping containing fuel.

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Prevention of dropped objects. The second leading cause of accidents in the construction industry is falling objects. Construction is an occupation that takes place in hard to get places, at great heights. Gravity and the ability for objects to become un-secure are the leading causes of injuries and deaths in construction. Leadlock locks the welding connections together and reduces the risk of dropping welding cables.

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Leadlock (Safety Orange)

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Resettable COMBINATION Lock

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With Leadlock your welding leads can be locked so that only one welder can use a specific lead. Looking for tools is a multi-million dollar problem in a large welding setting. Large construction sites on average lose 4 to 10 hours a week of production work per welder due to lead movement, resulting in millions of dollars in losses yearly.

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What our customers are saying

"it held up amazingly"

"My name is Zack Jacobs, Foreman for Matrix NAC. On first impression I was unsure of what to think of Leadlock. But, after extensive use under normal day to day operations, it held up amazingly! It didnt catch fire under high heat conditions, held lead together when moving about, preventing arc outs, and saved a ton of time with organization. Overall from a time saving, safety and security standpoint, Leadlock is invaluavble. In my nearly 15 years as a union Boilermaker I can't believe this invention hasn't came around. I will continue to use Leadlock on every job from here on out."

- Z.J., Matrix Foreman

"maximize your work time"

"No one wants to come into a job and have to rerun there leads from the day before because night shift or some other craft stole them. With lead lock you maximize your work time and get to come in knowing there’ll be where you left them."

- B.S., Boilermaker

"the amount of production has increased dramatically since starting use of Leadlock"

"The ability to set up a lead and to have it still there intact at the start of the next shift is invaluable for time saving. Better yet, the ability to lock the connections togetehr and shield the connections from not only outside intererence but wear and tear is a huge cost savings" "I've noticed the amount of production has increased dramatically since starting use of Leadlock. The welders have the majority of the whole shift to perform their duties instead of wasted time in chasing down connections or machines." "Yes, it's estimated each welder has saved 1-2 hours a day, not chasing leads and machines. The cost savings would be around $200 a day per welder in my estimation."

- WG Boilermaker/Journeyman