Exploring the Diverse Range of Welding Safety Products Offered by AOES LLC

At AOES LLC, we understand that safety is of utmost importance in the welding and electrical industry. That's why we are committed to developing innovative products that mitigate risks and improve efficiency on the job site. Discover our diverse range of welding safety solutions below!

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Leadlock®: Securing Welding Lead Connections

Leadlock® is our solution for securing welding lead connections and preventing dropped objects, arc outs, and theft. Its non-conductive, fire, and chemical-resistant design significantly reduces the risk of explosions, electric shock, and fires, making the welding environment safer for everyone involved.


Machinelock®: Safeguarding Welding Equipment

Complementing Leadlock®, Machinelock® securely attaches leads to welders, preventing tampering and unauthorized use. By safeguarding welding equipment, Machinelock® helps eliminate interruptions and theft, ensuring smooth projects and optimal resource protection.


480Lock™: Safety in 480v Connections

Our 480Lock™ is specifically designed to enhance safety in three-phase 480v connections. It secures power cables, allowing only authorized electricians to connect, disconnect, and move them. The added combination lock further reinforces safety measures, providing peace of mind for electrical workers.

AO Connector

AO Connector: Secure and Efficient Welding Connections

Lastly, the AO Connector provides a secure and efficient welding connection solution. Featuring a positive cam action and proprietary locking switch, it ensures a reliable connection between connector halves. The safety cap and flame-rated thermoplastic elastomer covers enhance safety and durability. Moreover, their interchangeability with standard connectors and machines adds versatility for seamless integration.

At AOES LLC, our commitment to innovation and safety drives us to develop products that address the real-world needs of welders and electricians. By offering a comprehensive range of safety products, we aim to contribute to creating safer work environments and improving industry standards. We believe that by prioritizing safety, we not only protect the lives of those in the field but also enhance overall job site efficiency. Trust AOES LLC to be your partner in welding safety and security. Shop today!

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